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Cleansing Detox 

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The Benefits of Cleansing
There are endless benefits to cleansing your body.
The following list are just a few of the ways cleansing can improve your health.

Cleansing can be known to:
Increase energy levels
Improve digestion
Decrease risk of disease and chronic health conditions
Enhancing your overall mind, body, and spirit

Bio Scan Analysis 

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The Bio Health Scan is a unique, innovative approach to health screening, offering a highly informative method of body analysis. Providing a holistic assessment of your major body organs.

The scan offers an alternative way of identifying root causes to problems, testing for infections and blockages. 

Cannabis  Education

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Whether you are brand new to cannabis or have been experimenting for a while and are looking to maximize  the benefits, I can help you make the most of your cannabis care and overall health and wellness goals. We'll work together to decide on the best delivery methods, ratios, and products. I'll teach you what to watch for and how to tune into your body to get the most from your medicine. With a personal and professional understanding of chronic illness, I have a unique ability to connect with patients and assist them in leveraging cannabis as a tool for optimal wellness. 

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